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The strategic planning of Chinese enterprises to enter the European market CEO roundtable meeting was opened in Beijing.

On September 2nd 2011 at Beijing Kempinski Hotel Chamber were together held " The strategic planning of Chinese enterprises to enter the European market, CEO roundtable meeting " by Dutch Foreign Investment Agency and Amsterdam Investment Agency (ESA), Mayor of Amsterdam Mr. Blue Abbott , Dutch Foreign Investment Agency Secretary Pu Yue Sze, Dutch Ambassador to China and the Ministry of Commerce officials attended the meeting, some Chinese domestic famous enterprises were invited to participate in the meeting. The Yisheng group vice president Xu Ming Hao attended the meeting.


In recently years, more and more Chinese enterprises were going abroad to the world. Chinese government is actively encouraging these enterprises to establish their own "global brand." As the world's largest single market, European Union cannot be ignored by any enterprises who are establishing their own global brand. In terms of Chinese enterprises, there will be many challenges when developing in the European markets. The CEO round table meeting had a deep discussion of Chinese enterprises on how to gain a firm foothold in European market and make the right strategic decisions, how to get closer to the target customers, how to spread their business and cover the entire European market, how to formulate suitable financial and tax strategies. Many famous enterprises,such as Huawei, ICBC, Liugong, Ernst & Young, Yisheng, shared their own successful experience in Europe and also discussed a number of topics of mutual concern. Meanwhile, the participant Chinese enterprises mentioned some specific issues related to business activities in Europe.
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