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Welcome to Yisheng Group Website!
Today, Yisheng Group is of more simplicity, sagacity, calm, and confidence.
"All difficult things in the world are sure to arise from a previous state in which they were easy, and all great things from one in which they were small." Just like the origination of our name Yisheng, this Group presents an appearance of maturity, integrity, tolerance and simplicity.
Since the establishment, Yisheng Group has always believed that solving difficult problems should start with the simplest parts while making great achievements should start with tiny basic details. Only those who are modest and tolerant can achieve great success, and those who are prudent and never make casual promises can hold their credibility and integrity.  
Yisheng Group has been consistently persisting in development and innovation since the establishment. Through a series of integration and optimization of property structure, Yisheng Group has developed a comprehensive business structure including equity investment and financing, comprehensive real estate development, non bank financial business, conference & exhibition business, etc., and established a management and operation system that matches our business model of investment holding group. Our business presents a good development momentum: rapid expansion in asset size, fast increase in assets quality and profitability, and progressive enhancement in group strength and influence.
 Steady operation and scientific management are the cornerstone of Yisheng Groups foundation while positive enterprising spirit and flexible strategies are the source of strength of Yisheng Groups development. We are doing our best to explore a diversified enterprise management, establish the leading position in the industry, create long term value of the group, and ensure that Yisheng Group can retain its vitality forever.
 Talents are the footstone of Yisheng Group, and the advanced group cultures are the power source that drives us forward.While we reward our shareholders with good profit, we also actively reward society and take our social responsibilities on environment, society, and charity.The cohesion, combat effectiveness and creativity of our enterprise is increased, meanwhile, all the staff are highly confident of our group.
Living in a great and altering time, facing with the responsibility, opportunity and risks, we need to constantly enhance our comprehensive strength and competitive advantages to push our group onto a new stage, and create new glories.During the future development, Yisheng Group will continuously forge ahead, keep passionate, transcend ourselves, overpass new height, and march toward the new journey.
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