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Theory of Business

In daily construction of enterprise culture, the executives take carrying forward Yisheng Groups enterprise culture and expanding our influence as their obligations. They integrate Yisheng Groups principles of development with their works and defined the behavior standard of Yisheng Group as Doing things starts with easy ones, improving self cultivation ends up with sage.
With a strong sense of social responsibilities, the staff of Yisheng Group, considering contributing to and rewarding society as their own obligations, actively participate in public welfare activities and donate money and materials to disaster areas and public welfare organizations, practicing Yisheng Group s social commitments determined by its enterprise culture in a low-key way.
In the future, Yisheng Group will adhere to our rigorous and pragmatic guideline for business, determine directions and targets of its development, continuously improve the group management, integrate its business activities with culture transmission, create a business atmosphere with Yisheng Group characteristics, reward shareholders and contribute to society with a good enterprise image.
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