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Vision & Mission

Yisheng Groups Vision: Lay a solid foundation; Pursue an excellent future; Build a top notch investment management group.

Top investment enterprise: Make every enterprise that we invested outstanding and advanced in its industry with good economic and social benefits.

Top management team: our target is to establish a professional investment management team adept in increasing enterprise value, familiar with capital operation and asset operation,which is also familiar with mastering operation,management and relevant regulations.

Top management method:

Build a group management system that covers overall budget management, project management, assignment of property management, safety production management, and overall risk management.

Build a comprehensive management system, led by element management, which includes process management, management by objective, financial management, risk management, information management, decision management, and professional management, realizing a consistent renovation of management method.

To sum up, we are aimed to build an investment group that has scientific management and operation, reasonable structure, leading level in environmental protection, excellent staff quality, advanced enterprise culture, and strong ability of sustainable development.

Yisheng Group s Mission: Integrate tradition with modern, combine eastern and western, push on innovation and development, and pursue excellence.

Integrate tradition with modern: focus on national culture heritages, and explore the inheritance and innovation between traditional culture and modern culture.

Combining eastern and western: Explore the similarity and amalgamation between Combine eastern and western: Explore the similarity and amalgamation between eastern and western civilization, and demonstrate people oriented values.

Innovation and development: pursue future along with exploration, innovation and development.

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