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Located in Amstelveen, Holland, Beijing Mascot (Holland) B.V. is the first overseas subsidiary of Yisheng Group, its businesses which include real estate development, investment and professional consultation.
With its development in China, Yisheng Group has been paying close attention on overseas market. With the assistance of local government, Yisheng Group established Mascot (Holland) B.V. in Amstelveen, Holland in 2009. Mascot makes full use of local resources and actively participates in local construction and development. The real estate project developed by Mascot in the city centre has been completed and put into use, and Mascot has formed a business structure of real estate development coexisted with investment and consultation.

With its business development, Mascot also participates in other local infrastructure construction and culture communications and has become a platform for people in Holland to know people in China, which not only strengthens the economic cooperation, but also promotes the communication and sharing in other areas.

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