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Sanheyuan Resort, a new project of Yisheng Investment group has successfully launched in Changping District, Beijing.
Beijing Sanheyuan Resort is a development base for leisure, vacation and development established by Yisheng group. The Resort has a multifunction of catering, accommodation, conference, training, tourism, fruit picking, farming, fishing, sports, leisure and entertainment. The Resort is located in Nanshao town, Changping district, Beijing, and adjoins Ming Tombs Resevoirs in west, and Mangshan mountain National Forest Park in north, and Jundushan Mountain Skiing Park in east.
The Resort is surrounded by fruit trees and flowers, with this peaceful and elegant environment, and fresh air, it is really a land of idyllic beauty to run away from the downtown bustle and enjoy this quietness and beauty here. In spring, everything wakes up and flowers are in bloom, in summer trees are green and fishes swim in the pool, in autumn, on the mountain there are full of red maple leaves and the farm land is full of melons and fruits, in winter the scenery is also very charming.
Health regimen and green organic food are the unique features in our Resort. These fruit trees, vegetable farm, sunlight green house and poultry farms provide green organic product with bio-fertilizer and no pesticide. Every spring, summer and autumn it is the time for harvest of abundant fruits and vegetables, which makes the Resort a wonderful place to go picking organic products and spending vacation. You are warmly welcome to Sanheyuan Resort.
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