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Warmly celebrate the opening of 2012 annual summary commendation Conference of Yisheng Group in Beijing
Condensing positive energy and pursuing the dream of Yisheng
--Warmly celebrate the opening of 2012 annual summary commendation Conference of Yisheng Group in Beijing
Dragon flies among auspicious clouds, announcing we should open the door to obtain the blessing; snake gives out propitious vapors, indicating we should go outside to welcome the spring.It's the tail of winter and head of spring, with the warm sun hanging highly in the sky.
Being themed as "condensing positive energy and pursuing the dream of Yisheng", 2012 annual summary commendation conference of Yisheng Group was grandly held in Xiaotangshan Conference Center during February 21 to February 23, 2013.The representative staffs from each investing enterprise, each branch and department of Yisheng Group participated in this conference. Group President, Group Chairman of the Board, and Lin Jian, the General Manager of Yisheng National Exhibition, Zhang Dengfeng, Group Finance Director, Sun Liping, HR Director, and other leaders attended the conference.
The three-day annual meeting was divided into 3 sections, including year-end review meeting for all sectors and industries, Group annual summary commendation meeting for 2012 and 2013 Spring Festival celebrating party.Each investment enterprise and branch company respectively reported the working performance of their industry in 2012, results achieved and problems in the work, and they discussed relating solutions to problems, and deployed the work plan for 2013.
The Group President made a keynote speech at the annual meeting report, summarizing the results, analyzing the shortages and drawing blueprint of our future.Yisheng Group reaped plenty of fruits in 2012. Each industry of Group advanced against the tough market situation, making historic breakthrough in not only sales revenue and profit, but also achieving good business performance. With the comprehensive development of real estate and property operation and management as core service, the Group achieved the double harvest of high growth of revenue and profits and stable development of exploitation and construction in 2012.Non-bank financial sector business has also achieved rapid breakthrough development. Zhongbao Pawnshop has increased the registered capital and moved into new business premises in October 2012; the construction of basic operating structure of management layer and business layer was completed, and it has already made good performance in the fierce market competition.It has gradually become the core business of the Group in the future.
The business in the advertising media sector got improved steadily. GAEA Advertising Co., Ltd. held the Beijing International Motor Show, the domestic top class A-level motor show which is held biennially, for FAW-Volkswagen and provided exhibition accompanying service.Yisheng National Exhibition has taken responsibility for the exhibition stand construction service of national C-level motor show as the 18th stations in total for FAW-Volkswagen.
Breakthrough progress in overseas business segments has been made.Since 2006, based on the principle of practical, stable, safe and order, our Group expanded business towards the oversea segments and chose operating property holding as main business.The business projects invested in Amstelveen, Holland not only have made ends meet, but created 8% investment annual income for the Group.Thanks to the good reputation of Mascot Branch Company in Holland and the successful local business project operating experience, Zhonghongjian (Netherland) Branch, another branch of the Group, developed a comprehensive project integrated with the high-end apartment, five-star hotel and tied business, and won the high attention of local government, foreign institutions of China and local Chinese. The project has been listed as a key project in North Holland, which will become a new landmark and highlight in Amstelveen after being constructed.
Such grand achievements are closely related to the correct leadership of Group leader layer and the mutual efforts of whole staffs in Yisheng Group. In the conference, advanced individuals emerging in each business sector of Group were awarded. On behalf of awarded winners, Zhang Jie, Peng Tao, Xing Dalei and Wang Liang won the "Advanced Individual Award" and HuoMeng, Hao Xiaowei win "Silent Contribution Award". The Group Chief Executive awarded those winners and congratulated them. In pace with the development of Group business, royal, work devoting, capable, and innovative inter-disciplinary talents are cultivated and educated to serve the future Group development better..
The President of the Group proposed the theme of the conference this year----"Condensing positive energy and pursuing the dream of Yisheng", indicating that the positive energy is referred to the corporate culture of calm mind and attention focusing and core values: Target, Responsibility, Trust, Discovery and Persistence.Let's start from the obeying of each regulations of the Group, and resist the negative energy; typical examples of excellent staffs and advanced executives should be proposed to advocate positive energy; performance assessments should be implemented fully to reward the diligent and punish the lazy, concentrating positive energy; work style of mutual trust should be established and necessary supervisory system should be improved, transmitting positive energy.Life is like a boat, with your dream being the sail. Everyone has his dream, and the dream we share together is the "dream of Yisheng".The dream of Yisheng Group is formulated in accordance of the national economy, social environment and development status of the Group. The dream is divided into 3 stages, and each stage is a five-year plan. 15 years later, when the third five-year plan accomplishes, the dream carriing hundreds of Yisheng Group staffs' willing will be achieved.We are impelled by the Chinese dream inherited hundreds of year ago; we are encouraged by the dream of Yisheng Group shared by thousands of millions of people; we are led by the spirit of making still further progress. Let's encourage each other hand in hand, and relay the positive energy shoulder by shoulder. Let's trust each other and pursue the dream of Yisheng. With the joint effort, we will advance forward along the path planned before.
At the last stage, a wonderful Spring Festival celebrating party for Group staffs was held for representatives in the congress.The humorous hosts, original sketches, well organized choral work, emotional songs and exotic style dancing won the bust of audiences' applause again and again. Especially the lucky draw link, it brought the climax of the party one after another. At last, the party was ended by the song of Tomorrow Will Be Better chorused by all leaders and staffs.
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