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Yisheng Europe Entered the Last Round of the Leiden Bio Science Park Project
After fierce competitions, Yisheng Europe successfully entered the last round of bidding project for the Entreegebied in the Leiden bio science park. The project is dedicated to providing a unique opportunity for developers and investors to create a new landmark of the Leiden bio science park, along with the Leiden University and the government of Leiden.
As the oldest university in the Netherlands, Leiden University has created a unique and dominant knowledge cluster for the Leiden bioscience park. Here lies the biggest life science and health pioneering park in the Netherlands, and it also enjoys high international visibility. High-quality education, scientific research, service and business activities have brought a steady stream of innovative and higher educated talents from all over the world to the city of knowledge.
Sustainable Development
The Leiden University will work with the Leiden government to repair and renovate the Entreegebied. The main point is the construction of parks, roads and campus squares, as well as the concept of water resources and sustainable development.
The development planning of the Entreegebied in the Leiden bio science park advocates four principles, which are green, healthy, smart move and future-oriented. The construction and public area at the Entreegebied conform to the green characteristics of the bio science park; the improvement of all kinds of public facilities attract people to exercise and maintain a good life style, which is in line with the characteristics of science and healthy life of Leiden University. To deal with the mobility of population, the latest technology concept has been Introduced, and in the planning and design of architecture, the flexible interaction between architecture and environment is ensured to fully exert its functions in the long term.
Based on the four principles throughout the planning, Yisheng Europe works together with many well-known native Dutch architectural design companies, strategy consulting firms and law firms. The bidding scheme has been highly appraised by the tenderee.
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