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Zhongbao Pawnshop Participated in the Continuing Education Training of Beijing Pawn Industry Association which Came to a Successful End

           In order to carry out the continuing education for financial staff of Pawnshop enterprise, Beijing Pawn Industry Association held the 2013 Annual Continuing Education Training of Pawn Enterprise Financial Staff in Tianfang Hotel on Dec.18th, 2013. Our staff has attended this training.

           Zhang Rongxin, the teacher from Beijing Haohaidongfang Accounting Firm delivered the lecture for everyone. She combined the Regulations of Improving and Enhancing the Management on Enterprise Annual Audit of Financial Statements into this lecture, mainly including 6 parts: several necessary issues in the operation and management of Pawn enterprise; how to carry out the basic work of pawn business; the issues we must pay attention to in operating pawn business; jobs an enterprise needs to handle before balancing the accounts at the end of the year; how to build a excellent annual audit of financial statements; how to read the audit report thoroughly and so on.

           The attendees said that the lecture of Ms. Zhang presents a elegant clear and a outstanding key points, and is closely combined with the financial work of pawn enterprise, which makes it conforms to the practical needs of pawn enterprise financial work.

           To get a deep understanding of the opinion from financial staff towards this training, and the opinions towards the continuing education work of pawn enterprise financial staff, the Association also carried out a survey of Questionnaire towards Pawn Enterprise Financial Staff Continuing Education.

           Hao Fengqin, general secretary of the Association concluded this training, she combined examples of cases to emphases that pawn enterprises need credibility and integrity during operation, and should not hold a unwary mind in case of unnecessary troubles caused by fake information fabricated by evil person. She hopes that the enterprise financial staff could offer positive cooperation to the Association, and write study reports of this industry on summary of working experiences to share with industry peers.

           After the training, the Association carried out the 2013 Annual Financial Audit of Pawn Enterprise for those financial staff who have obtained the Training Certificate of Pawn Enterprise Financial staff.

                                                                                                                                                                (From Wang Liang, the special correspondent)

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