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Yi Sheng Guoji successfully completed Chongqing FAW-Volkswagen international auto show
2015 (seventeenth) Chongqing International Auto Expo Closing
     Chongqing International Auto Expo hosted by Chongqing International Auto Expo, China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Chongqing Municipal People's Government, is held at Chongqing International Expo Center on June 10th 2015. Since 2013, the show for the first time moved to Chongqing--western China's largest exhibition hall - Chongqing International Expo Center, the size and influence has gotten significant improvement, and Chongqing auto show became China's western  considerable scale professional car exhibition. This show last one week, attracted 510,000 visitors to view exhibitions, vehicle sales reach 24225 units, turnover of 3.6 billion yuan, which accounted for 51% of sales of joint-venture brands, own brand sales accounted raised to 35%.
     Chongqing car Show undertake Beijing and Shanghai auto shows new release marketing campaign, providing a deep market-oriented integrated marketing platform for major car brands, enhancing the interaction between the audience participating products, trying to build the world's first automobile exhibition experience. Through a comprehensive exhibition services to the fast-growing regional market, to showcase the latest technology and fashional automotive products, promoting the development of the industry and creating new market opportunities for exhibitors, bringing the audience the value of a set of technical content and product brands, fashion charm car feast!
     In order to fit the regional market in Chongqing, this show FAW - Volkswagen carefully planned the new exhibition, adding a replacement area, children's entertainment district, enhance interaction region, greatly improving the audience's experience, and the multimedia equipment on-site configuration effectively meet consult its various vehicle requirements. FAW-round display to customers in Chongqing - public unique charm, and make a solid foundation for increased sales.
     Beijing Yisheng International Exhibition Co., Ltd. as the builder of FAW - Volkswagen B exhibition, to undertake the task of Chongqing stage structures, at the beginning of building, in actively coordinating preparations for every exhibition work, and our  workers are the first to get the place for every coordination work, monitoring progress and quality, to ensure the smooth transfer of the booth. During the exhibition, we highly cooperate with operating companies and local dealers to carry out the work, to help them complete the mission established show, gaining compliments form the FAW-Volkswagen leadership and multi-alike. For the smooth progress of the show, we provides a strong gold medal service support, making FAW - Volkswagen B show getting a larger new brilliance.
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