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Yi Sheng Guoji successfully completed Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macao FAW-Volkswagen auto show
2015 (nineteenth) Shenzhen - Hong Kong - Macau International Auto Expo Closing
     For a period of nine days of the nineteenth Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Macau International Auto Show came to an end. This show attracted nearly 100 exhibitors vehicle, participating models over 1300 units, the total flow of people visiting over 730,000 visitors, after nine days of live demonstrations and transactions, the accumulated turnover Reserve vehicles reach 31992 units, compared with last year almost increased 50%; the actual transaction amount exceeded 6.6 billion yuan, nearly 40% more than last year. The stages operated by Yisheng Guoji reach daily sales of nearly a hundred units, with outstanding sales performance has become the focus of this exhibition.
     The main theme is Pioneer City, the show winds. This show has attracted many cars, including Rolls Royce, Bentley, FAW - Volkswagen, Ford and other hundreds of Chinese and foreign auto brands exhibitors, from tens of thousands of entry-level models refined car, to several millions of millions of luxury car. The FAW - Volkswagen stage, with stylish design, rich client interactive experience, wonderful performances, attracted many consumers visit the stage, becoming highlight part of the auto show.
     The annual International Auto Show, all in Shenzhen automobile market set off a small climax of buying cars. In order to attract consumers, in this exhibition, in addition to the introduction of new models, each brand has launched a close fight, playing the "redemption" cards, launched different forms of promotions. Participants manufacturers through with the new car, price promotions and services, FAW - Volkswagen booth also actively involved, within the exhibition area designed a replacement for field replacement customers with a full range of consultation and evaluation services, greatly improving the consumer convenience, and the replacement sales rise steadily. Reporters learned from the organizing committee in the past few years, in addition to the big flow of people show, the actual turnover is also the leading domestic position. In this year's show, along with a variety of car manufacturers launched discount promotions of measures, not only makes bursting with popularity, and the volume and turnover are also reaching a new high level.
     The exhibition FAW - Volkswagen can achieve such a great success, because partly reflects the pre-show exhibition fitted rationality,  and this exhibition highlights the interaction with the audience, to optimize the replacement area and other functional areas, and thus it is more comprehensive convenient for the presence of every customer , to provide meticulous customer services. The second aspect is the strict quality requirements of the stage. At the beginning of building the stage, my company send the works, in accordance with customer demand, the excellence makes stage near perfect. The site offers a high quality viewing platform. Third, the rich part, live performing arts have always been an important part of attracting crowds, this show FAW - Volkswagen stage designed the entertainment aspect, an increase of Avia and other difficult moves in the dance, attracting a large audience gathered to watch, and behind the exhibition also it highlights the high-quality. The success of the show is the greatest affirmation of our work, we will continue efforts to strive to be perfect in every show projects, and actively cooperate with customers and suppliers, to create a better future!
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